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Supporting Startups
through Collaboration

We are looking for Starters and Supporters who want to collaborate to make big things happen.

Our Mission: Purpose through collaboration

At Area 412, we are creating space... Space to explore, to collaborate, to contribute to make big things happen.


We are creating an online community of Starters and Supporters who want to make big things happen. A place to receive support and guidance. To test and iterate new ideas. To share wisdom, experience and insights. To contribute and create value.

Connecting Starters and Supporters

Area 412 will match Supporters skills and experience with Starters. Enhancing serendipitous connections in a supportive, safe, creative space.


Built-in tools for ease of communication and connection to enable true collaboration. Facilitated townhall style forums exploring emerging themes, technologies and opportunities.

Ignition Program

Ignite your idea through our online Ignition Program and position yourself for seed funding and stepping into accelerator programs.

Step into Purpose

Take the first step towards connecting, collaborating, growing your idea and using your skills and experience to make something big.

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